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Deadliest medicinal drugs in the world

Many Medicinal drugs help you recover from diseases but everything has harmful aspects too. There are some medicinal drugs that won’t make you better instead they will give your rotten flesh, destruction of your organs and might turn you into a zombie. Here are some deadliest medicinal drugs. 

1) Krokodil 

This drug is Russia’s secret addiction. More than one million Russians are addicted to Krokodil. The most of its consumers are because of its low price, as it’s sold at £20, while heroin is being sold at £60. Krokodil is more dangerous than heroin as it is made up of painkillers, iodine, lighter fluid, and industrial cleaning agents. All of these combine causes rotting of flesh. 

2) Whoonga 

Whoonga is a blend of antiretroviral drugs. Antiretroviral drugs are used to treat HIV. It is available easily in South Africa because of their high rate of HIV and used more to cure the diseases than the prescribed antiretroviral because of its cheapness. It is known to be a very addictive drug and causes internal bleeding, stomach ulcer, and death. 

3) Bath salts 

Bath salts are synthetic crystalline drugs that are widespread in the US. They might sound harmless but they sure aren’t. These drugs can cause unusual psychiatric behavior, psychosis, panic attacks, and fierce actions, and might be the reason to cause heart attack and high body temperature. 

4) Flakka 

It is a kind of drug raises the levels of physiological motion in your body. The consumer of Flakka will experience a high heart rate, heightened emotions, and strong hallucinations if consumed enough. It can cause everlasting psychological damage because that drug affects mood changing neutrons and cause heart failure too. 

5)  AH-7921 

The drug has 80% of the effectiveness of morphine and is recognized as the ‘legal heroin’. AH-7921 is synthetic opioids, which mean they can be only be used in a small amount for the required need. It was earlier sold online legally. It is considered highly dangerous and causes respiratory arrest and gangrene. 



6) Crystal meth 

It is one of the most destructive drugs in the world. Earlier in 1887, these drugs were given to the troops of both sides during the war to keep them awake. The effects of these drugs are disturbing. Soon after the consumption of these drugs a person will become sleep deprived and restless and long term users will have rotten flesh, brain damage and blood vessel damage too. 

7) Crack cocaine 

Cocaine used to be rare and difficult to produce but since the 1980’s it was widespread in the world of drugs. Drugs dealer turned cocaine into rock shapes by the help baking soda so they can sell cocaine to more people on a lower price. Crack cocaine has been damaging livers, kidney, and lungs. They provide permanent damage to blood vessels, which leads to strokes, heart attacks, and critical death. 

8) Heroin 

It is the oldest drugs in history and was used for chronic pain and physical suffering. Since excessive use of heroin, it’s been made illegal, as it’s becoming the most destructive substance in the world. Its usage results in swelling of the gums, cold sweats, a weak immune system, muscular weakness, and sleeplessness. 



Medicinal drugs can be really dangerous too sometimes, for fitness purpose you can browse healthier solutions. There have been multiple fitness apps and exercise apps that can give you fitness solutions and workout tips for a healthier life. 

Everything You Need To Know About Insuring Your Precious Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement is one of the most important occasions of your life. You are happy, you are excited and most importantly, you are in love with your engagement ring. Even if your engagement ring is of brown diamond, you still must have paid a good amount of money and must have put in all your emotions into the ring. It is a priceless symbol of love, commitment, and dedication. Loss, damage, and theft occur quite commonly but you can save yourself from the deal by getting your chocolate diamond ring insured.

What is Engagement Ring Insurance?

Engagement ring insurance works almost the same as any other insurance. The two common ways of protecting your chocolate diamond jewelry include:

  • Homeowners And Renter Insurance: This type of insurance can cover the loss of your ring up to a certain monetary amount, depending upon your individual policy’s deductible and stated limits on the unscheduled personal asset. People often get full coverage for their chocolate diamond wedding rings by purchasing scheduled personal property coverage, an insurance extension that covers specific items. Ask your insurance agent or company about this extension for your precious engagement ring.
  • Jewelry Insurance Companies: Another popular option is to get your ring insured through a company specialized in jewelry insurance. Since these companies work on only this premise, they offer a comprehensive coverage plan rather than a limited coverage plan as homeowner’s policy. The jewelry insurance company might offer to recreate the lost piece or repair a damaged one. Your engagement ring is near to your heart, keep it near to yourself always by protecting it.

The Process Made Simple

Getting your chocolate diamond rings insured has become a lot easier. The process is as follows:

  1. Get an expert gemologist to appraise your ring. You will get documentation of your ring’s value that can be used for insurance purposes.
  2. Find out if your current homeowner insurers offer ring insurance. If not, you may ask them to provide an extension of the current policy. Or you may opt for a jewelry insurance company to insure your valuable ring. You can tailor-make the package for yourself depending upon the items you want coverage for.
  3. The cost of insurance will vary depending upon the insurance company and the aspects for which coverage is provided. A rule of thumb generally applied is to pay $1 or $2 for every $100 of your ring’s replacement value.
  4. Your ring has now been insured. Flaunt your stunning engagement ring without worrying about its safety.

Protect Your Memories!

Your engagement ring is precious to you and holds the emotional value that money can’t buy. Getting the engagement ring insured will let the happy bride-to-be wear the ring with confidence and flaunt with pride. It will help you enjoy your special moments and the beauty of your beautiful ring. The marginal cost of insurance can secure your peace of mind which isn’t a bad deal after all.

Let’s Make a Hip Playlist For You To Get You Exercising

Workouts can get really boring without your favorite music coming out of your earphones because it motivates you to push beyond limits by pulsing through your body. With the rising trend of workout apps that gives the user exceeded ease to be used at home or anywhere remote, the need to have a grooving playlist is more than ever before. When you exercise in a gym, it is different because you have partners who are also working to achieve the same goals as yours. When you are doing a solo exercise, you need high degrees of motivation to keep you going and make the regime fun for you.

Hip-hop is generally regarded as a genre perfect to burn some calories, with several faced-paced hit numbers and loud bass to keep you energetic. While some workout apps have built-in music playlists, others only give basic tutorials and require you to play music externally. Whatever the case may be, music is an essential part in exercising and the importance of which cannot be denied.

Let’s have a look at some of the best songs to be included in your gym playlist:

  • Kanye West- ‘Fade’

Sometimes, the toughest part of exercising is to keep doing it and not lose the motivation or strength. To keep your mood upbeat and zealous, Kanye West’s Fade is the best for ultimate gym inspiration.

  • Jay Z- ‘Tom Ford’

Imagine yourself listening to the thumping of your feet on the treadmill or hearing somebody else going out of breath. Not ideal, right? This mix of Jay-Z’s cool script and Timberland’s catchy beats make this song the best to get in the right mood for exercising. Timberland’s perfect deployment of percussion makes the fast running session easier.

  • Meek Mill Ft. Rick Ross- ‘I am a boss’

Meek Mill collaborated with his label boss to come up with one of the most motivational hip-hop anthems, just perfect for a sweaty gym session.

  • Gold Link- ‘Mediation’

Gold Link is the hottest and most talented new-comer who possess a powerful fan following and is known to push the limits with his creativity. The song’s hip instrumentation and afro-style drumming give it the right feel to conquer an elliptical or a treadmill, too. With the right combination of soul, dance, and grooves, this song will make your workout session easy and quick.

  • Disclosure- ‘When the fire starts to burn’

The most upbeat song in the entire disclosure album, this song will get your body moving in no time.

  • Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga- ‘The Motto’

This song pushes the adrenaline up and wants you to jump on the floor and start dancing. If you are being too lazy and not motivated to exercise, put this song up on high volume and get grooving.

Working out is obviously not easy and can get boring even after a few days but having such hip songs can make the fitness regime an easily conquerable mission for you.

How To Take Care Of Your Precious Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are believed to have become a girl’s second best-friend now, after white diamonds. Chocolate diamond rings especially are preferred by brides because of their different color, different feel and moreover, cheaper price.

Chocolate diamonds are a luxurious cut of diamond sourced from the Argyle mines in Australia, possessing a deep chocolate brown color in hue, hence the delicious name. As a matter of fact, chocolate diamonds are considered to be more luxurious than many other diamonds because achieving the right cut with an Australian chocolate diamond is much tricky due to their hard surface. These diamonds also take longer to be polished and only experts can handle the difficulty of the surface.

How to ensure that your chocolate diamond stays the same forever?

Over the past few years, many people are getting chocolate diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement ring, etc. These are the people who are fascinated by the different color and who wants to add a unique touch to their jewelry collection. A diamond is known for the shine it possesses, a chocolate diamond is no exception. But to keep the shine and spark of your chocolate diamond jewelry alive forever, you must keep them clean and maintained like regular white diamonds. Let’s have a look at some of the tips to keep in mind while taking care of your precious chocolate diamond jewelry.

  • Chocolate Diamond caring tips

Chocolate diamonds deserve special care to keep them looking at their best. To keep these diamonds flaunting forever, it is advised to not wear these jewelry pieces while bathing, applying makeup or doing household cleaning because lotions might cause these beautiful gemstones to appear dull & less shiny.

  • Chocolate Diamonds cleaning tips

For regular cleaning, you can simply clean chocolate diamond jewelry by soaking them in warm water, with a light liquid detergent, for at least 30 minutes and use a soft brush to clean them. Another way is to give your chocolate diamond jewelry pieces to professional jewelry cleaner. Either way, its imperative that you keep your diamonds clean for long-lasting shine.

  • Chocolate Diamonds storage tips

Like all other diamonds, chocolate diamonds also need to be stored carefully. An expert tip is to store these jewelry pieces in a colorless cloth or tissue paper to avoid scratches, bruises and discoloration. You can also use a soft fabric pouch to ensure your precious diamond’s safety. It is advisable to not keep them in cotton pads as its lint may stick onto the diamond.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your chocolate diamond jewelry look evergreen and beautiful forever.

Stunning & affordable chocolate diamond jewelry

Le Vian is an expert in producing jaw-droppingly stunning and different chocolate diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Le Vian was the first corporation that brought the idea of brown diamonds. With their expertise and highest quality materials, Le Vian’s chocolate diamond jewelry is unmatched in the industry of diamonds. Get a luxurious feel with our custom-designed, intricate and

Do Food Delivery Apps Affect Teenagers’ Social Skills?

Some might say yes, some no, but it is tough to get it right. There are some important implications of having a food delivery app, and using it every day to order food within the comfortable confines of our homes, on the other hand, going out, making friends, socializing, or simply cooking a meal for a date or friends is considered as a very healthy activity.

A random few taps on your smart phone’s screen can allow you to order your favorite food, ready to be delivered at your doorsteps. No hassles, no problems, 30 minutes and your food reaches at your place piping hot, ready to be devoured, but all this at the cost of your social life. Instead of dining with friends and peers, you dine alone. The mere fact of ordering the food straight to your home has reduced the effort and time taken to prepare and eat a meal.

It is of high importance that we practiced our social skills, this is because we have to interact with people well. Only through meeting others people, peer and friends can one learn to communicate and know how to get along with people. All the time teaching ourselves to become a responsible member of the community. There will be many awkward situations, but we need to face them head on in order to feel comfortable in society. The technological advancement has played its role in isolating us and trying to make us feel satisfied in one’s smartphone’s presence only, not at all how one should live their lives.

On the other hand, food delivery apps only take so much of your time, leaving you plenty of opportunity to interact with people, one could also order food when surrounded by friends. Ordering food on delivery apps was never a way of human interaction any way. There are plenty of other ways we can interact.

Food is an important part of our lives and is celebrated everywhere in the world. It should be shared, but it is perfectly fine to consume your food in the solitude and comfort of your own room. Furthermore, keeping conversations with strangers might sound off putting to some who are not interested in sharing their life details with a waitress or staff at a restaurant, a small hello and thank you conversation with the delivery food guy seems okay too.

For some people you share experiences and struggles with only those you trust, and you might not find a restaurant waiter to be very trust worthy. The whole purpose of ordering food at home, and takeaways was to cut the endless banter or conversations short, and coming home to a meal that you want to eat in peace after a long and tiring day at work. Also the working of the delivery system is so simple that it is almost irresistible to not order food online, it is easy, hassle free, and more of a necessity really. Even when friends are around it is common for them to order something from a restaurant or a pizza parlor.

Technologies are meant for our betterment and our ease, it is important that we use them for our ease only and not depend on them.

What Role Does Facebook Play In Your Marketing?

The way Facebook is dominating our lives and the world of social media, it sometimes feels like it is the only ad platform available on internet. But Facebook is actually a rapidly growing, small and effective part of digital marketing. The question is how exactly Facebook ads suit your overall digital marketing strategy? Well! It is all about the way a Facebook ads agency utilizes Facebook marketing tools for your business. It also depends on other factors including your budget, your brand and industry.

Here is how Facebook can be used to attract more audience and Boost sales.

Brand awareness

You surely know that Facebook is the first stage of digital marketing where you can effectively introduce your services or products to the audience. Therefore, your basic interest and responsibility should be to satisfy your very first customer who approaches you through Facebook link of your business. If you successfully satisfy your customer, he/she will spread positive views about your services or products. It is actually a chain marketing that can be quickly carried out, and of course, this is an incredible way to get market response for your business.

It must be kept in mind that if you want your brand to stay and rule in the market for a long time, then you should trust on “chain system marketing” and this is possible only through efficient usage of social media, especially Facebook.

Effective distribution of content

The fantastic growth of modern technology has changed the entire concept of marketing—from shoes to belts, from wedding plans to honeymoon tours, everything is happening on the fingertips with the power of internet and social media. This idea even applies to small businesses with smaller number of audiences—like B2B (business-to-business) companies. In this concern, some top Facebook ads agencies are a great example. They use Facebook for targeted paid circulation of our business content and allow us to reach potential customers and grow our audience efficiently.

The advantages of quizzes

As per the surveys conducted lately on effective digital marketing services, all the digital marketing specialists, who experimented with quizzes competition, were able to receive the best and effective results from this procedure. There are many people, who have undergone through this technique and successfully grabbed attention of their targeted audience. If once your brand gains the recognition of the targeted audience so it means your most weighty task has been conducted.

You only have to make it a part of your digital marketing campaign, and you will witness amazing changes quickly. Moreover, you will get lots of traffic on your account. People will enthusiastically take part and will enjoy the quiz competitions. Bit by bit, you will be able influence them and convert them into your leads. It is simple and quick! Win their trust, build strong relationships and there you go!

So on Facebook you can quickly introduce your brand to larger audience. If they get interested in your services or products, they will buy them and will come back to you if you the quality of your services/products win their hearts.

Ace Facebook Ad Designs 101

Do you intend to create a Facebook ad design? Or do you want to brush up your knowledge? Unless you are planning on hiring a good Facebook agency, Here are the 101’s to help you.

Personalization, personalization, personalization,

You can’t talk about digital marketing tips without mentioning personalization. It is that important.

No one likes a sales-ey advertisement; people demand content specially tailored to their needs. Whether it is a blog post, a marketing email, or an advertisement – personalization is the foundation.

Your Facebook Ad design must target a specific type of people to bring in quality leads. People feel frustrated when they get generic content. When you create your Facebook ads, be upfront about who you want to target.

Gender? Industry? lifestyle?

Pair this with Facebook’s audience targeting filters to get the best results.

Test for the best

One size never fits all. Nothing is set in stone.

For each campaign that you launch, the best practice would be to test multiple designs. Test each element at a time so that you can combine only what really works to pack a powerful punch.

This is the surest way to find a winning solution.


Give proof of your credibility to your audience. A whopping 84% of your audience trusts online reviews and testimonials as much as a personal recommendation. Use this to your advantage by quoting a favorable review in your Facebook marketing campaign.

Know when to strike sentiments and rationale

Human beings like to think they can make purely logical decisions, but behind most logical decisions there is emotional benefit linked too.

Thus, every good ad designer knows just where to strike the appropriate balance between sentiments and rationale.
For example, a jewelry advertisement will mostly appeal to the emotions of women by looking either aesthetically pleasing or claiming to be the most sought-after piece. But this paired with a logical incentive like a discount will fare even better.

Give heed to ad placement

Facebook offers different ad placements, and this option is there for a reason. Depending on the goal you intend to achieve with your ad, you may select one of the following placement options. Prices for each placement vary.

  • Mobile newsfeed
  • Desktop newsfeed
  • Desktop right-hand side column

Don’t be too far-fetched

It is important to incentivize your paid social ads but you must know where to draw the line. For instance, if your startup business claims to guarantee huge profits in an extraordinarily short amount of time, no one’s going to believe that. Instead, your ad will start to look like click bait.

Highlight the merits of working with your company, but make sure to not overdo it

Color psychology for the win

85% of consumers claimed, according to this infographic, color to be the primary factor when purchasing a product. In fact, we know colors evoke certain emotions too.

So, a good Facebook agency will design a Facebook ad for you keeping this and all other factors mentioned, in mind.


Advantages And Disadvantages of AI

The era of Artificial Intelligence is upon us and it has only begun. Although it was around for decades, artificial intelligence has been incorporated into our devices only now. Fingerprint sensing, voice recognized searches, facial recognition, VR, IoT – we are deep into AI already.

The ease and comfort that comes along with AI are undeniable; and so are the disadvantages. Let us take a look at the reality of AI and answer the question, will its merits be enough to conquer the demerits?


 Artificial Intelligence is a machine. One of the primary advantages that come by default is its human-error free nature. It can perform repetitive tasks, all with equal precision.

While we are on the topic of repetitive tasks, many, if not all of these will be replaced by automation. Human skill will no longer be required for tasks at the menial level because a robot is fast and error-free for the most part. .  Think about it: self-checkout stands that have replaced human manned cashiers are way easier. Instead, there will be an increased demand for workers for sophisticated tasks

Employers will also benefit from this replacement in the long term. AI doesn’t require health benefits or takes sick days off. All it needs is a few tweaks here and there once in a while.

As we mentioned above, AI does not have the limitations humans face. They can work in extremely hostile environments and gather information for us from inaccessible areas, that couldn’t have been obtained otherwise. So whether it is inserting a tiny camera into the human artery or going for space explorations, robot penetrate every field of life.


Robots are expensive to build, design, and repair. It requires painstaking programming on the developer’s part and may take years to build even a simple robot. The labor that AI threatens to replace can be acquired at much lower costs when compared to the cost of replacing a human with a machine.

Similarly, even though the devices that have artificial intelligence embedded in them are high end for now. This means not everyone has access to them.

Apart from this, there’s also the ethical issue that tags along with AI. Many feel uncomfortable with the concept of human-created intelligence and brand it as playing god. People also fear being replaced by machines at their workspaces.

Just as machines can be good, they can make causing destruction easy, if put into wrong hands. Intelligence like IoT can be hacked into and controlled remotely. Chances are, AI will also give rise to a different type of crimes as we consider all the opportunities it brings.

While some may take a relieved breath at this, but AI will perhaps never be able to replace human creativity. At least not with the technology we have. It will always be dependent on humans in some form or the other.