Ace Facebook Ad Designs 101

Do you intend to create a Facebook ad design? Or do you want to brush up your knowledge? Unless you are planning on hiring a good Facebook agency, Here are the 101’s to help you.

Personalization, personalization, personalization,

You can’t talk about digital marketing tips without mentioning personalization. It is that important.

No one likes a sales-ey advertisement; people demand content specially tailored to their needs. Whether it is a blog post, a marketing email, or an advertisement – personalization is the foundation.

Your Facebook Ad design must target a specific type of people to bring in quality leads. People feel frustrated when they get generic content. When you create your Facebook ads, be upfront about who you want to target.

Gender? Industry? lifestyle?

Pair this with Facebook’s audience targeting filters to get the best results.

Test for the best

One size never fits all. Nothing is set in stone.

For each campaign that you launch, the best practice would be to test multiple designs. Test each element at a time so that you can combine only what really works to pack a powerful punch.

This is the surest way to find a winning solution.


Give proof of your credibility to your audience. A whopping 84% of your audience trusts online reviews and testimonials as much as a personal recommendation. Use this to your advantage by quoting a favorable review in your Facebook marketing campaign.

Know when to strike sentiments and rationale

Human beings like to think they can make purely logical decisions, but behind most logical decisions there is emotional benefit linked too.

Thus, every good ad designer knows just where to strike the appropriate balance between sentiments and rationale.
For example, a jewelry advertisement will mostly appeal to the emotions of women by looking either aesthetically pleasing or claiming to be the most sought-after piece. But this paired with a logical incentive like a discount will fare even better.

Give heed to ad placement

Facebook offers different ad placements, and this option is there for a reason. Depending on the goal you intend to achieve with your ad, you may select one of the following placement options. Prices for each placement vary.

  • Mobile newsfeed
  • Desktop newsfeed
  • Desktop right-hand side column

Don’t be too far-fetched

It is important to incentivize your paid social ads but you must know where to draw the line. For instance, if your startup business claims to guarantee huge profits in an extraordinarily short amount of time, no one’s going to believe that. Instead, your ad will start to look like click bait.

Highlight the merits of working with your company, but make sure to not overdo it

Color psychology for the win

85% of consumers claimed, according to this infographic, color to be the primary factor when purchasing a product. In fact, we know colors evoke certain emotions too.

So, a good Facebook agency will design a Facebook ad for you keeping this and all other factors mentioned, in mind.