Now, what possibly can we learn about social media interaction from a diamond company? That must be the thought that immediately can to your head. Well, the answer is: a lot.

Le Vian, the company behind the trademark Chocolate Diamonds® brand has met with huge success as far as their online presence is concerned. We can learn a lot from Le Vian about their digital interactions and how they have used the social media to turn a diamond that was originally used in industrial applications to a phenomena that is gracing the red carpet. Celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are rocking these diamonds on the carpet and people are loving them.


Le Vian, is a traditional company, and when we say traditional, we mean it. Their history can be traced back to the 15th century. It is a family business and they give 10% of before tax profits to charity. So, you know just how far back they go. The reason for mentioning their history is that they did not grow up into tech like a lot of companies have. They had to learn these things on the go. This tells us that even conventional companies can invest in social media and harness its power as well as create new opportunities for itself, just like Le Vian.


We have all seen the power of social media to bring people together. Whether it’s the #MeToo movement or something else. Social media is all about community. Finding the community like you and being with them, no matter where you are or where they are.  A lot of companies, even though they admit the power of social media, do not use it to bring in their fans and followers.

Le Vian’s facebook page is a star-studded example of this. Le Vian has some of the most engaged fans you will ever find in the jewelry industry. And they have definitely profited from building a community for their fans.

An example of this is the time when Le Vian came up with a new handbag. The handbag was large in size and came in a single color: baby blue. As this was just a prototype, they put it up on their facebook page and announced that the winner of a sweepstakes will win it. The result: people started coming up and asking them when will the bag be available and how can they get their hands on it? This online demonstration caused the company to increase the production of that bag to meet the demand. Now if there hadn’t been any demand, there never would have been mad sales. And how did they come up with the demand? By making sure that they were in contact with their fans and followers.


Most companies use their Twitter handles to talk about different things like what their president is up to or what’s happening around the world. Le Vian made the right choice of keeping their posts and tweets about their products and nothing else. They also give importance to their customers and keep them in the loop by asking questions and feedback. This direct involvement really got them paid.

So, if you’re a company who still has doubts about the social world, take a leaf out of Le Vian’s page and start investing your time in it.