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This May, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost (from Saturday Night Live) got engaged. However, Scarlett is not like other people who parade around New York showing off her flashing new Chocolate Diamond® ring. Or, the couple is not into filling up their Instagram feeds with endless PDA (Public Display of Affection). They both are great with keeping their private life ‘private’. However, Scarlett recently revealed her engagement ring over the weekend.

Nearly two months after announcing her engagement, the marvel star Scarlett Johansson attended Comic-Con in San Diego, California this Saturday where she finally showed off her 11-carat Chocolate Diamond® ring. The ring is so beautiful and finely designed that portrays Jost’s choice which is one of a kind. Jost proved it that when it comes to jewelry shopping and displays of affection, he’s the boss.

The night Scarlett was spotted at the Comic-Con, she was there to speak during the Marvel Studios panel. She was promoting her upcoming marvel movie ‘Black Widow’. However, her Chocolate Diamond® ring got all the attention. It features a dark brown, pear-shaped diamond with a matching brown band. The last time when she was spotted wearing her engagement ring was the time when she wore it for celebrating her engagement at upstate New York’s restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Fans are going crazy for Johansson’s stylish and unique 11-carat diamond engagement ring. Expert jewelry makers estimate that the ring could be worth approximately $400,000. This year celebrity engagements are making people stare at their expensive glitzy rings. From Meghan Markle’s three-stone stunner from Botswana to Jennifer Lopez’s megawatt stone from Alex Rodriguez. Jost’s 11-carat Chocolate Diamond® ring to Scarlett Johansson is by far the classiest that people have seen. This ring is not an ordinary celebrity engagement ring with a cushion or emerald cut, gold, platinum or pavé halo. It’s not a piece of custom jewelry but the ring is undoubtedly one of a kind.

The experts say that the diamond in the middle is not like a standard pentagon one. While viewing it from the photos of the Comic-Con night, it looked more like an oval or pear-shaped stone that lies in the middle. This stone is a finely crafted Chocolate Diamond® that holds a light or dull brown color. Plus, the diamond is flawless, bright and huge. Also, the setting of the diamond is pretty unique makes it look like a masterpiece. The stone appears to sit at the top of the curved band rather than the standard ones with a diamond on top of a gold or platinum band.

There are no comments from Jost or Scarlett on the reveal of the jeweler behind the ring. However, the design appears to be an innovative creation integrated with otherworldly stones that make it a masterpiece from Taffin’s. These assumptions are being made after seeing the image on Taffin’s Instagram feed which appears to be more oblong and oval. Rumors are being made that the ring could range from $250,000 to $400,000 in value. But Taffin’s affinity for this masterpiece could be more, who knows.