Deadliest medicinal drugs in the world

Many Medicinal drugs help you recover from diseases but everything has harmful aspects too. There are some medicinal drugs that won’t make you better instead they will give your rotten flesh, destruction of your organs and might turn you into a zombie. Here are some deadliest medicinal drugs. 

1) Krokodil 

This drug is Russia’s secret addiction. More than one million Russians are addicted to Krokodil. The most of its consumers are because of its low price, as it’s sold at £20, while heroin is being sold at £60. Krokodil is more dangerous than heroin as it is made up of painkillers, iodine, lighter fluid, and industrial cleaning agents. All of these combine causes rotting of flesh. 

2) Whoonga 

Whoonga is a blend of antiretroviral drugs. Antiretroviral drugs are used to treat HIV. It is available easily in South Africa because of their high rate of HIV and used more to cure the diseases than the prescribed antiretroviral because of its cheapness. It is known to be a very addictive drug and causes internal bleeding, stomach ulcer, and death. 

3) Bath salts 

Bath salts are synthetic crystalline drugs that are widespread in the US. They might sound harmless but they sure aren’t. These drugs can cause unusual psychiatric behavior, psychosis, panic attacks, and fierce actions, and might be the reason to cause heart attack and high body temperature. 

4) Flakka 

It is a kind of drug raises the levels of physiological motion in your body. The consumer of Flakka will experience a high heart rate, heightened emotions, and strong hallucinations if consumed enough. It can cause everlasting psychological damage because that drug affects mood changing neutrons and cause heart failure too. 

5)  AH-7921 

The drug has 80% of the effectiveness of morphine and is recognized as the ‘legal heroin’. AH-7921 is synthetic opioids, which mean they can be only be used in a small amount for the required need. It was earlier sold online legally. It is considered highly dangerous and causes respiratory arrest and gangrene. 



6) Crystal meth 

It is one of the most destructive drugs in the world. Earlier in 1887, these drugs were given to the troops of both sides during the war to keep them awake. The effects of these drugs are disturbing. Soon after the consumption of these drugs a person will become sleep deprived and restless and long term users will have rotten flesh, brain damage and blood vessel damage too. 

7) Crack cocaine 

Cocaine used to be rare and difficult to produce but since the 1980’s it was widespread in the world of drugs. Drugs dealer turned cocaine into rock shapes by the help baking soda so they can sell cocaine to more people on a lower price. Crack cocaine has been damaging livers, kidney, and lungs. They provide permanent damage to blood vessels, which leads to strokes, heart attacks, and critical death. 

8) Heroin 

It is the oldest drugs in history and was used for chronic pain and physical suffering. Since excessive use of heroin, it’s been made illegal, as it’s becoming the most destructive substance in the world. Its usage results in swelling of the gums, cold sweats, a weak immune system, muscular weakness, and sleeplessness. 



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