Do Food Delivery Apps Affect Teenagers’ Social Skills?

Some might say yes, some no, but it is tough to get it right. There are some important implications of having a food delivery app, and using it every day to order food within the comfortable confines of our homes, on the other hand, going out, making friends, socializing, or simply cooking a meal for a date or friends is considered as a very healthy activity.

A random few taps on your smart phone’s screen can allow you to order your favorite food, ready to be delivered at your doorsteps. No hassles, no problems, 30 minutes and your food reaches at your place piping hot, ready to be devoured, but all this at the cost of your social life. Instead of dining with friends and peers, you dine alone. The mere fact of ordering the food straight to your home has reduced the effort and time taken to prepare and eat a meal.

It is of high importance that we practiced our social skills, this is because we have to interact with people well. Only through meeting others people, peer and friends can one learn to communicate and know how to get along with people. All the time teaching ourselves to become a responsible member of the community. There will be many awkward situations, but we need to face them head on in order to feel comfortable in society. The technological advancement has played its role in isolating us and trying to make us feel satisfied in one’s smartphone’s presence only, not at all how one should live their lives.

On the other hand, food delivery apps only take so much of your time, leaving you plenty of opportunity to interact with people, one could also order food when surrounded by friends. Ordering food on delivery apps was never a way of human interaction any way. There are plenty of other ways we can interact.

Food is an important part of our lives and is celebrated everywhere in the world. It should be shared, but it is perfectly fine to consume your food in the solitude and comfort of your own room. Furthermore, keeping conversations with strangers might sound off putting to some who are not interested in sharing their life details with a waitress or staff at a restaurant, a small hello and thank you conversation with the delivery food guy seems okay too.

For some people you share experiences and struggles with only those you trust, and you might not find a restaurant waiter to be very trust worthy. The whole purpose of ordering food at home, and takeaways was to cut the endless banter or conversations short, and coming home to a meal that you want to eat in peace after a long and tiring day at work. Also the working of the delivery system is so simple that it is almost irresistible to not order food online, it is easy, hassle free, and more of a necessity really. Even when friends are around it is common for them to order something from a restaurant or a pizza parlor.

Technologies are meant for our betterment and our ease, it is important that we use them for our ease only and not depend on them.